You have 30 minutes Studio time with your photographers, tailored to you and your family. 

This is a time to capture beautiful memories of you and your loved ones together - moments in time, captured so that you can treasure them forever.


Are there any special bonds that you would like us to focus on in the family?

What different Family groupings/compositions would you like to make sure we include in your session? 

Do your children have any favourite teddy's or toys that they cant be without?


Here are some ideas

Think about bringing... 

Your Big Duvet from home that you can all snuggle under - for a Cuddly Family Photograph.

Hats, scarfs and big warm jackets - for a different kind of Autumnal/Winter Family Photograph.

Sunglasses and surf gear - for a summer or beach look!

Favourite toys.

Hobbies, books, musical instruments. 

The Kids Fancy Dress!

Pyjama onesies for the kids or the whole family ;)

Your Babies soft blankets to lie them on for some of the Photographs.

Pet Treats, Pet Toys, Pet beds - if you are bringing them to the shoot!


The main thing is that you feel comfortable and good in what you are wearing.

In group photographs it is good if everyone is in similar attire, e.g Soft Colours or White T-Shirts and jeans, or all with Bright Colours/Patterns. 

What you don't want is one person in, for example, a checkered shirt and everyone else plain because they will stand out from everyone else.
Saying this, if the children stand out from the rest of the family in their clothing it can work.

Generally speaking clothes with Big Logo's on can be distracting in photographs, especially in group shots. 

You can bring a change of clothing if you like, and feel free to bring a few if you are unsure of what to wear - we can help you pick!

Contact us if you have any questions ;)

We look forward to seeing you and having an AMAZING Photo Shoot and time together ;)

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